A Nutrition Revolution

Are you over feeling sick and tired all the time? Frustrated and confused by all of the “latest” nutrition information and diet fads? Don’t know which foods to choose to look and feel your best?

Nutrition expert, educator, and two-time book author, Beth Kahn, empowers us to take our health into our own hands and utilize natural remedies, including nutrition, to achieve and maintain good health; as nature provides the most cost-effective, health-sustaining, powerful, anti-inflammatory, cholesterol-lowering, anti-cancer, anti-aging products on the market today.

The mission of A Nutrition Revolution and its founder Beth Kahn is to improve America’s declining health by increasing awareness about nutrition and wellness.

A passionate advocate for change, Beth has published two honest and innovative nutrition books that reveal not only how nutrition works in our bodies, but how influences of the economy, government, society, lack of education, and profit-seeking create confusion and illness and what we can do about it. For more see The Books page.

Services that support individuals including personal and commercial dietary consulting, Reiki energy work, and nutrition and wellness education programs are available locally and remotely. For more see Services page.

Be well and keep seeking the answers! Let us continue A Nutrition Revolution until we all EVOLVE.



In A Nutrition Evolution, Elizabeth Kahn offers clear and comprehensive nutrition information and illuminates the pathways to achieving optimal health through nutrition and other natural remedies.

Not another “how-to” diet book or “healthy eating” book, A Nutrition Evolution is a “how-to-understand-nutrition” book that asks readers to make a philosophical shift in their approaches to eating, food shopping, and healthcare. In a personal and compelling manner, Kahn points out that learning about nutrition on a deeper level can lead to a healthy, sustainable diet and lifestyle.

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What Diet Should I Be On?

I am asked regularly what I think about this diet or that diet.

As I often say, education is ideal. The more understanding one has about nutrition the more freedom one has to choose and therefore  the more likely they are to be successful. For any diet to be successful you should look for doable lifestyle changes, not strict diets or regimented menus which are limiting and therefore unsustainable.

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