Kahn Publishes New Book on Nutrition | From Natural Awakenings Magazine | July 2011

San Francisco Bay Area resident Elizabeth Kahn will release a new book, A Nutrition Revolution, Uncover the Mysteries of Nutrition, this summer. A University of California–Davis alumna who studied clinical nutrition, Kahn has published many health-based articles and now maintains a private nutrition consulting practice.

Her book reveals why Americans are often kept in the dark about the real benefits of good nutrition, while offering information on how to use nutrition and natural healthcare alternatives for healing and achieving better health. A Nutrition Revolution—what Kahn calls a “how-to-understand nutrition” book—also encourages consumers to instigate change in America’s infrastructure, so it becomes easier for consumers to achieve sustainable good health.

The creation of the book was prompted by a visit to a nutritionist that dramatically improved Kahn’s health and created a paradigm shift for her about eating, healing and health-care. She is now an educator, as well as an advocate for changing not only how people approach their own eating habits and healthcare, but also how they view food manufacturers, school cafeterias, pharmaceutical companies, doctors, insurance companies and the healthcare, political, economic and educational systems in America. “For those who know, deep down, there has to be a better way, this book is for you,” Kahn says.

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Book is off to printer!

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The final touches have been placed on the book and it is now at the printer. Barring any problems it will be available in 10-15 business days.

Book can then be ordered through the AuthorHouse bookstore website at http://www.authorhouse.com or through online stores like Amazon.com or Barnes and Noble (bn.com). Or you can call the Order Hotline, at 1-888-280-7715.

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