What Are the Benefits of Marine Collagen? | Elizabeth Kahn | eHow.com

Collagen is the most abundant protein found in the connective tissue in the body. Like many other components in skin, collagen is constantly being broken down, produced and recycled. Marine collagen is becoming increasingly popular for skin treatment and many people believe that it is better than land-based sources of collagen.

Better Source

Marine collagen is taken from fish and is thought to have less environmental contaminants than the collagen taken from cattle or pigs.

Better Absorption

Marine collagen is smaller in molecular weight and thus is believed to have increased absorption into the skin.


Marine collagen is derived from cod, a deep sea fish. The collagen is taken from the scales and fins.

We Need More Collagen as We Age

The use of collagen increases as we age and picks up speed after 40. As we age, it can benefit the skin to help boost collagen presence.

Easy on the Environment

Marine collagen is extracted from fish that are being processed for other purposes, so the collagen derived from these sources is said to be environmentally friendly.


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