Heal the Planet, Heal Yourself

You try to eat healthy. You buy organic. You travel to the farmers market whenever you can to get fresh, local produce. You try to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables and drink the proper amount of water. You exercise. So how much is this helping, in this toxic environment? Is this enough to stay healthy? To keep cancer at bay? Asthma, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease? How much does the environment affect you, despite your “healthy” choices? What if anything can you do about it?

These are the questions that come to mind when I try to do the right thing. I can’t help but wonder how the environment (air, soil, water) is affecting my food, body, mind and health, despite my best efforts.

Food, the environment and our health are inextricably linked. What we do to our planet, we do to our food – and to the air and water – and then to ourselves. Food grown and produced in an unhealthy environment is unhealthy. We introduce toxic chemicals into the food, air and water supply and then it enters our bodies. Pollution exits our tailpipes and factories and infiltrates the environment, and our bodies. This causes cancer, asthma, allergies, birth defects and more. The planet is changing, temperatures are rising and as a result farmland and crops are being affected. This can be overwhelming to think about and make one wonder, what can I, “little old me” do about it?

The health of the environment is definitely a problem, and needs to be addressed. At the same time, what we put into our bodies does matter. We should eat quality food, drink plenty of water, exercise, work to reduce stress, etc. Lifestyle choices do affect health. For instance, many healthy plant foods have proven cancer fighting abilities. Components of plant foods help the body to flush toxins out, before they can do harm like cause cancer. A healthy diet and lifestyle also have many other health benefits, including reducing stress  – a major cause of disease – and the risk of diabetes, obesity and Alzheimer’s disease. So it does matter, but it ALL matters. We must also do what we can to help heal the planet. But where do we begin?

What can I do to help heal this floating blue ball we call Earth that must heal and sustain us?

I recently watched the documentary (with a long, awkward title): “How to Let Go of the World and Love all the Things Climate Can’t Change”. I was inspired and better understood what is going on with our planet, on a macro level. On a micro level, I firmly believe that awareness is the key to solving these and other problems. One person at a time, one click at a time, can change the world. If you can access this documentary, I recommend watching it and please spread the word. Share with all of those you can. We can do this, but only if enough of us wake up and demand change.


Poison in Food Supply

pesticideThe process of producing much of the US food supply involves poisoning it, the surrounding areas and its inhabitants. More and more people in this country are coming down with asthma, autism, and cancer due to an unhealthy diet, lifestyle and environment. Yet, this process of poisoning our food and environment continues.

I can personally attest to the effects of these powerful chemicals, including pesticides that are used in commercial farming. I relocated from the San Francisco Bay Area to an area called the worlds “salad bowl” in central CA, which grows much of the world’s produce. During my daily commute through the vast, spectacularly beautiful farmland, I regularly felt a burning sensation in my throat and chest, which I had never experienced before. When I changed my route away from the farmland, this strange burning sensation in my respiratory system completely ceased. I am confident however, I am still coming into contact with chemicals in the food I eat, water I drink, and air I breathe, and so no doubt are you. Obviously the field workers are being regularly exposed as they cannot “drive around” the area.

This chemical processing is only one part of the problem. There is much more being done to our food and our environment as man continues to try to make money and outsmart Mother Nature. For instance, plant DNA is being modified, and soil is often not replenished with nutrients in between plantings. This further weakens an already compromised food supply and planet. Man-made “mystery” food is being created with unknown effects on people, animals, and the planet, and less nutrient dense foods with toxic chemicals added to it are being produced. We are consuming this unhealthy mix and it is making us sick.

Contributing to this “sicklic” cycle is lack of awareness. Consumers do not see these processes or microscopic chemicals and farm workers who experience it first-hand, have little to no power to speak up or change it. And so the sicklic-cycle continues and will continue until something forces it to alter course.

Most companies that mass produce food do not operate on the basis of kindness; they operate on the basis of profit. Cheap processing methods are therefore preferred and since people still buy this unhealthy food, producers have no reason to switch to healthier methods. Period. Let’s change the part of the equation we can control; let us the consumer pay more attention and vote more with our dollars and voices, loud and impactful enough to force change.

Then wait for it…as the chemotherapy and other sickness industry profiteers will quiver at the thought of a clean, healthy planet. And for the record, the same recipe of greed and ignorance applies to that sick-cycle as well.

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