Food Allergies and How to Deal

Alternative Lasagna.

Like many people, I have battled with food allergies. This is one reason I became a Dietitian. Years ago, I was having symptoms partially caused by food allergies, which were discovered by a nutritionist. Though I was never officially tested, we were able to pinpoint the main culprits (cows milk and gluten) and I was able to fix most of the problems I was experiencing. After an elimination process and reworking my diet, I was even able to eat gluten again. This was very effective – effective enough for me to go back to school and study nutrition – and has been working for me for the most part ever since. However, as often happens with our health and diet, my diet is in need of some re-tooling.

It is worth noting that food allergies can be triggered by stress. Which was the case with me, then and now. Also, once you have food allergies you are more prone to getting them and should eat foods on a rotation diet, not consume any food too frequently, and manage stress.

Recently, in response to symptoms I was experiencing, I was tested for food allergies. The test came back positive. It showed I have allergies to gluten, bananas, cucumber, onion, garlic, avocado, eggs, beef, lamb and cod fish. Wow!

My body is reacting differently to all of these foods. For example, I am barely allergic to cucumbers, but severely allergic to eggs, which I knew based on my body’s response to eggs. So now, I am once again doing an elimination diet (wish me luck), and am taking enzyme and probiotic supplements to help purge the residual allergens and reset the system.

This process has been at times frustrating but mostly empowering. Empowering, because I believe in knowing why our bodies are acting a certain way. I am not a fan of just taking a pill or pills, suffering and eventually removing the body part that is in trouble, in this case my colon or intestine.

So, now, what to eat? As many people know this can be a difficult and frustrating process. Like many people on special diets, I had to figure it out- again.

During this “adventure”, I made vegan, gluten-free “lasagna” style pasta. It was delicious! I have included pictures as well as a link to a recipe similar to the one I based mine on.

I used a bottle of organic pasta sauce, which included the hopefully temporary allergen; garlic. But, this was the best I could do on this particular day. I substituted gluten-free lentil pasta for regular lasagna noodles, which usually have gluten.

The elimination diet should be tricky, but ultimately rewarding, as my digestive issues will hopefully improve and I will once again be able to eat many of the foods I am currently reacting to.

I will have to take this one step at a time, do my best, try to minimize frustration, and be patient. In the process, I will hopefully not be excessively hungry, as I figure out what to eat for each meal.

During the first elimination diet years ago, I stared into the cupboard in tears, hungry and frustrated. Hopefully, the second time around, my Dietetic training and experience will make the trip much smoother. I am confident the outcome, as before, will be worth every second of effort. After all it is why I get up every morning and do what I do…..because this stuff works!

I will keep you updated. In the meantime, here’s to us all plugging away, paying attention, asking questions, being enlightened and working to achieve optimum health! Be well. Cheers.

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