The Books: A Nutrition Revolution and A Nutrition Evolution

“I love the comprehensive scope of this book and think every chapter and topic is important for readers to consider! Thank you for sticking up for plant-based protein! Thank you for sticking up for carbs!” ~ Laurie Powell, Doctor of Psychology, Plant-Based Nutritionist, Health Educator

“Kahn’s impassioned argument for nutritionally based alternatives to traditional therapies and treatments serves as powerful inspiration for us all to seek a more holistic approach.” ~ Amy Roby, Columnist at The Record-Courier News

“I LOVE this book!!!  Congratulations, you did an excellent job of keeping the topic interesting, concise, and useful.  The everyday person who does not have time to get the degree can use this book to obtain an overall view of why nutrition is important and then use it as a resource as questions arise. This is easy to read, understand and full of great information. I am not only impressed but inspired! May this be the first of many publications you create to change the paradigm. Bravo.” ~ Carol Wood, Family and Marriage Psychologist

Elizabeth Kahn is at the forefront of a paradigm shift: a re-shifting of focus toward root causes like nutrition and education.” ~ Jaime Mitchell, Publisher and Owner of Natural Awakenings Magazine East Bay, Holistic Nutritionist

“Honest information from an expert dietitian and health educator in the field for over thirteen years, with no political ties or other influences to taint the information.This book is amazing! Well done!” ~ Kimberly Ohara-Borowski, Health Educator, SHAPE America National Teacher of the Year, Vice President of Health, California Association of Health, Physical Educators and Recreational Dance (CAHPERD)

“A perceptive and thorough analysis of our American diet, including insightful revelations about healthy eating, medical practices, and health education. This should be required reading for all school district decision makers. This message is too important to let it go unnoticed.” ~ Jon Erlandson, a Founder of Healthy Food in Schools

“You’ve done well with your scientific research and current facts presentation… good [information] on cancer and advocating for alternative and complementary methods.” ~ Sonia Gaemi EdD., RD, author of “Eating Wisely for Hormonal Balance”

“Exploring important issues in a thoughtful and provocative way.” ~ Christina Cunnison, District Magnet School Teacher

“Our healthcare system is a not funny joke…I find it ironic that we are spending billions and billions of dollars on protecting our country from  “terrorists,” when we don’t protect our citizens’ health so they can  live a fulfilled life…why is this world so backwards? I’m glad we have people like you on this Earth to share your knowledge with the masses so hopefully one day we will be angry or motivated enough to rise up against the injustices in this world…feed people, love people and care for others!” ~ Rachel, follower of A Nutrition Revolution

“An important story that needs to be told.” ~ Julia Roll, Educator

Restaurant/Menu Services

“Elizabeth’s knowledge and passion for nutrition and the well-being of others caught our interest. She transformed our menu and made valuable suggestions to change some of my recipes. We are now able to tell our customers with confidence, the choices they have based on calorie and nutritional values. This nutrition information has been welcomed by our customers. We encourage other restaurant owners to enhance their service with the nutrition information Beth provides.” ~ Ofelia, Owner of Ofelia’s Kitchen, Livermore, CA

“Beth…we are so please to have you on our CWKF Board of Directors. You have made such a great addition. Thanks so much for your help with our healthy mac & cheese. The kids in our cooking classes love it. And wow, they are all so surprised that it tastes this good & healthy for them.” ~ Chef Lynda Rexroat, Executive Director of the Cooking with Kids Foundation

Personal Nutrition Counseling

“Beth gives us a personalized plan and relates the information better to us than the other dietitians we have seen. My son and I always look forward to seeing her and are empowered to make the healthy changes she recommends.”  ~ Cathy, San Ramon, CA

“My daughter was extremely limited in what she would eat, but after talking to Beth, she now eats a much wider variety of foods.”  ~ Juli, Nutrition Counseling Client

Health Education

“Beth did a GREAT job teaching wellness classes to our employees!” ~ Barbara Hunt, Development Director at St. Vincent de Paul Society of Contra Costa County

“You make health class fun and enjoyable. You have influenced your students mindsets about healthy living.” ~ Zoe, Salinas, CA

“Thank you for being such a great health teacher. I learned so much and it was super fun! You made it so interesting!” ~ Brandy, Salinas, CA

 “Thank you for making it easy to learn. I think you are the best teacher in school.” ~ Adrian, Salinas, CA

“I appreciate the way you teach because you have actually taught me about health and made it easy for me. I honestly now know about the body and how to keep myself healthy.” ~ Rosario, Salinas, CA

“Thank you for being such a great health teacher. You’ve made a positive difference in my life.” ~ Camily, Salinas, CA   

Reiki Energy Sessions and Psychic Readings

“I felt so relaxed, it was as if I were floating. She heard my pain through her hands.” ~ Cara, San Ramon, CA

“You are such a powerful healer!” ~ Keslie, Marina, CA

“I felt a calm energy and the session provided much needed quiet time. Sometimes you don’t really know what hurt is blocking our energy. I received extra clarity on that, which was a good thing.  

The psychic reading came through and shone light on things I intuitively and practically have figured out; yet on an emotional level I needed to hear again and help heal hurt and grief, and address hard relationships.  

Beth is a very beautiful, loving, loyal and compassionate person, who is passionate to offer healing and help to everyone so they can ultimately sustain their own life and healing. The onion theory she often refers to… “there are many layers” is true! 

Beth is very understanding of the human path and open to the invisible help we receive from the universe.” ~Anne Marie, Maui, HI

“I came to Beth to clear my energy. I felt a heaviness in my sternum. My energy was blocked at the heart chakra. I wanted and needed to open up to my heart. I’ve worked with Reiki practitioners before, the result has always been delayed; I was a bit concerned whether or not Beth could breakthrough with me.

I ultimately trusted and took the leap and booked with Beth. I just tabled my concerns and moved forward with the process.

The sessions helped to open me up. Through the channels Beth opened, I’ve been able to get a clear vision of my path. I could literally see and feel the energy moving around me. The session helped me to gain some altitude and gain a high-level view of my strengths and how to put them to work for me.

I love the work Beth provides for the animals. She has worked on my dog, a rescue pup who liked to run away. After the sessions, she seemed more relaxed and responsive to me. She’s not threatened by an open door or when I drop her lead; she just waits for me. She FINALLY knows where she belongs.

An incredibly intuitive soul, Beth has a special knack for opening up the channels that get blocked, stopping us from receiving further guidance from the universe.” ~ Frances, Monterey, CA

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