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Updated edition: “A Nutrition Evolution: The Revolution Continues” available March 2019!

Want to know the real secret of how to heal your body and why it seems so difficult to get the traditional establishment to accept alternative, complementary and natural medical or health care treatments—let alone a trip to the nutritionist?

In A Nutrition Revolution, Elizabeth Kahn reveals why Americans are kept in the dark about the real benefits of good nutrition, offers information on how to use nutrition and natural health care alternatives for healing and achieving better health and encourages consumers to instigate change in America’s infrastructure so it becomes easier for consumers to attain sustainable good health.

After a visit to a nutritionist dramatically improved Kahn’s health, she experienced a paradigm shift about eating, healing and health care. She subsequently became a nutrition consultant and educator as well as an advocate for changing not only how people approach their own eating habits and health care but how they view food manufacturers, school cafeterias, pharmaceutical companies, doctors, insurance companies, and the political, economic and educational systems in our country.

Kahn says, “For those who know deep down, there has to be a better way, this book is for you.”

This book was independently written, fact-checked, edited, and published.

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