The eBook, A Nutrition Revolution is now on Smashwords

Hi Friends,

Yesterday my book, A Nutrition Revolution: No More Diets or Drugs! was published on Smashwords. It can be found at

The book should also be available in hard cover soon. I plan to incorporate feedback from the ebook into the hard cover version, so please send me your comments!

Peace and natural healing,


2 Replies to “The eBook, A Nutrition Revolution is now on Smashwords”

  1. Our healthcare system is a not funny joke…I find it ironic that we are spending billions and billions of dollars on protecting our country from "terrorists", when we don't protect our citizens' health so they can live a fulfilled life…why is this world so backwards? I'm glad we have people like you on this Earth to share your knowledge with the masses so hopefully one day we will be angry or motivated enough to rise up against the injustices in this world…feed people, love people and care for others!

  2. Thank you Rachel! That is my goal, that enough people will rise up and insist on change, as that is our only way out!

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