America in Crisis

One in three adults and 13 million children in the U.S. are now obese. Diseases like diabetes and Attention Deficit Disorder are also on the rise. Contributing to the problem is that society’s awareness about nutrition is lacking.

The mission of A Nutrition Revolution and its founder Beth Kahn, is to improve America’s declining health by increasing the public’s knowledge about nutrition and health.

About the Founder

After a visit to a nutritionist dramatically improved Beth’s health, she experienced a paradigm shift about eating, healing, and health care. She subsequently became a nutrition consultant and health educator in order to share information about the healing power of nutrition and natural healing.

To study nutrition and become an authority on what she already knew was right, Beth enrolled in the Dietetic Program at the University of California at Davis where she studied nutrition and food science and earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Clinical Nutrition.

In order to better present this information to the general public, and despite her dislike for public speaking, Beth earned a Health Sciences Teaching Credential from Brandman University and became a full-time health educator. She now fearlessly and effectively convinces eye-rolling teenagers to eat their vegetables and make other healthy choices they wouldn’t otherwise make.

Beth maintains a nutrition consulting practice where she counsels people of all ages about nutrition and health. She has published two book’s, A Nutrition Revolution: Uncover the Mysteries of Nutrition, and A Nutrition Evolution: The Revolution Continues, that shine light on the fundamentals of nutrition and reasons our nutritional health is in such a quagmire.

During the course of her ever-evolving health journey, Beth experienced energy healing and became a Reiki practitioner. She now shares this whole body, mind, and soul healing modality with others.

As a trusted source for clear and current health information, Beth is dedicated to increasing consumer awareness about nutrition and natural health, and helping them use natural interventions to achieve and maintain optimal health.

Beth offers remote services via phone and video chat and in person @ Seaside Mind Body Wellness.

For more see the Services page or email beth@anutritionrevolution.com to schedule an appointment.

We must arm ourselves with information and carry out a nutrition revolution!