America in Crisis

One in three adults and 13 million children in the U.S. are now obese. Diseases like diabetes and Attention Deficit Disorder are also on the rise. Contributing to the problem is that society’s awareness about nutrition is lacking. The mission of A Nutrition Revolution.com, and its founder Beth Kahn, is to improve America’s declining health by increasing the public’s knowledge about nutrition and health.

About the Founder

After a visit to a nutritionist dramatically improved Beth’s health, she experienced a paradigm shift about eating, healing and health care. She subsequently became a nutrition consultant and health educator in order to share information about the healing power of nutrition and natural healing.

Beth enrolled in the Dietetic Program at the University of California at Davis where she studied nutrition and food science and earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Clinical Nutrition.

In order to better present nutrition and health information to the general public, Beth studied teaching and curriculum development in the graduate education program at Chapman University and is a credentialed Health Science Teacher.

Beth teaches health and maintains a nutrition consulting practice in which she counsels individuals and families about nutrition and health. She has published several health-based articles and a book titled A Nutrition Revolution: Uncover the Mysteries of Nutrition.

As trusted sources for comprehensible and up-to-date health information, Beth and this website are dedicated to increasing consumer awareness. A Nutrition Revolution.com will help consumers navigate the seemingly endless sea of misinformation and propaganda regarding natural health, and assist them in using nutrition and natural medicine to achieve optimal health.

Visit us often in order to empower yourself to get and stay healthy and help heal others. We must arm ourselves with information and carry out a health and nutrition revolution!

Peace and natural healing,

A Nutrition Revolution