An Evolving Natural Healing Journey

Herbs for Gallbladder and Digestion

Like many people, I have battled with digestive issues, and that is what ultimately led me to become a dietitian. Years ago, I experienced symptoms which were caused by food sensitivities and nutritional imbalances. With the help of a dietitian, we discovered I was reacting to cow’s milk and gluten. After an elimination diet and reworking my diet, my symptoms disappeared. This healing process inspired me to return to school and study nutrition so I could share this type of vital, often elusive, nutrition information to help heal others.

After years of being symptom-free, I began to experience digestive issues once again. As in my original journey which I discuss in my books, A Nutrition Revolution and A Nutrition Evolution, I saw many practitioners both conventional and natural and was tested for food sensitivities and allergies, among other things. Tests found no true allergies, but results showed I was having trouble digesting many foods including bananas, cucumbers, onions, garlic, avocadoes, gluten, eggs, beef, lamb, and codfish. Wow! So, once again I did an elimination diet and took enzyme and probiotic supplements to help aid digestion. Unfortunately, unlike the first time around, neither the elimination diet nor the supplements seemed to help.

Elimination diets can be great tools as discoveries are made and health issues can improve when problem foods are found and removed from the diet. However, as I said, this time my symptoms remained. This meant that the root cause of my digestive issues might not be food-related.

As many people know, finding and dealing with root causes of health issues, especially digestive ones, can be a difficult and frustrating process; one that we must often go through alone. Luckily for me, I found knowledgeable and affordable natural healers in both instances. This included my original nutritionist and more recently an acupuncturist/herbalist/nutritionist/kinesiologist to help me through it. But, make no mistake; I was lucky to find them and I had to lead the process.

During a major bout of heartburn, an advice nurse suggested I go to the hospital since heart attack symptoms can mimic those of heartburn. The doctor on shift at the time suggested a gallbladder ultrasound, as well as other tests. Later, I had the ultrasound done and yes, it turned out there was a large gallstone stuck in the neck of my gallbladder which likely caused many, or all, of my digestive issues. The medical staff could not believe I had not experienced more discomfort, and that I hardly knew it was there. As I said, I was experiencing and investigating digestive issues but they were nothing like what most people would experience with a gallstone that size. In fact, the attack happened after eating a turkey “Panini” at a local health food restaurant while researching recipes for a client project I was working on. Although I had smaller bouts of heartburn previously, I was managing them, mostly with alkaline foods. I simply was not used to eating these larger portions of meat, cheese, or white flour and it sent my gallbladder into a tailspin.

Gallstones and fibroids are common in people with high estrogen, according to my naturopathic practitioner. I have also had large fibroids, so high estrogen is possibly the reason for both of these issues.

I am still eating healthfully (and avoiding large doses of those Panini ingredients) and consuming a gallstone appropriate diet; which means smaller meals, continuing with a mostly plant-based diet, and taking herbs. All of this has dramatically improved my symptoms. With the help of a wonderful naturopathic practitioner, I am trying to shrink the gallstone in hopes it will eventually be small enough to pass through with minimal discomfort. This could take time, maybe even a year or more.

I have so far put the surgeon off which is great because I would like to keep my gallbladder and return to optimal digestive health, naturally.

As was the case in my original healing, finding the root cause in our current medical system took time and basically miracles to figure out. Without luck, determination, and knowledge about the power of natural healing, I would not have gotten this far and I do not want this to be the case for anyone, including me.

Natural healing is at times frustrating but also empowering; because figuring out what our bodies are trying to tell us as they behave in a certain way is something we can do and is powerful. Hopefully one day the Healthcare system will evolve into one that includes all practitioners working together to heal root causes so we can all heal naturally and effectively. Healing sources of problems is far superior to unquestioningly taking uber-potent, man-made medicines to treat symptoms, continuing to suffer, and eventually removing body parts.

In the meantime, we must take these healing processes one step at a time, do our best, try to minimize frustration, and be patient. It is also important to be realistic and prepare for difficult moments. During my first elimination diet years ago, I remember staring into the cupboard in tears, hungry, frustrated, and thinking, “I can’t eat anything!” But I carried on, eventually found foods I could eat, and the process was ultimately successful. These experiences led me to this field of work of educating and helping others heal naturally. They have also helped me to help others on their healing journeys; as I have been there too.

So, let us all keep plugging away, asking questions, and seeking enlightenment until we all achieve optimum health!

Beth Kahn offers personalized nutrition counseling in person and via voice or video chat. For more information Contact Us and check out her books “A Nutrition Revolution: Uncover the Mysteries of Nutrition,” and “A Nutrition Evolution: The Revolution Continues.” 

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I will be on Pub Talk with KRML radio station tonight! Broadcasting live from Monterey, CA.  These guys have a great show and station. They promote “good”, healthy, positive and local businesses. And just like my book and my business, are INDEPENDENTLY run. Resist corporate greed! Pay attention. Vote. Listen.

Tune in at and wish me luck. I am excited to share the word.

Peace and Natural Healing!

Beth Kahn

Dietitian, Educator, and Author of A Nutrition Revolution!

Helping at the First “Cooking with Kids Foundation” Farmer’s Market Fundraiser

By Dietitian and Wellness Educator, Elizabeth Kahn

May 7th, 2012

I volunteered this past weekend at the first fundraiser for the Cooking with Kids Foundation, of which I am a board member, at the famous Locust Street Farmer’s Market in Walnut Creek, California.

We met a lot of amazing people there including interested parents, grandparents, and kids who want to learn how to cook.

I was offering my book, “A Nutrition Revolution: Uncover the Mysteries of Nutrition” as a thank you gift for donations of $15.00.

During the market, Chef Lynda held cooking demonstrations with several young volunteers. Lynda showed the eager students how to cut fruits and vegetables using a Chef’s knife. All of the kids did great!

We saw some former students of the foundation who offered their words of support.

It was a huge success. We were greeted by many fabulous supporters who are enthusiastic about what we are doing. We were inspired by their support, kind words and generous donations.

Let’s keep cooking with kids!

Book Signing – Round Hill Country Club, Alamo, CA

Book Signing at Ofelia’s Kitchen in Livermore, CA


Ofelia’s Kitchen and A Nutrition Revolution

Local Business Owner’s Team Up to Inspire Health

By Elizabeth Kahn

Ofelia’s Kitchen in Livermore is an independently owned and operated restaurant that serves healthy, homemade meals using fresh, local, organic ingredients.

Ofelia Gomez and her husband, Jay Gomez came to the United States from Columbia in 1985. They arrived in California in 1995 and soon after opened Ofelia’s Kitchen. Jay worked for many years in the Silicon Valley until an economic downturn took his job, and he now happily spends more time at the restaurant. The Gomez’s decided to open the restaurant after being encouraged by Ofelia’s friends to share her amazing cooking abilities, and to instill the value of hard work and joy of healthy cooking in their children, Jennifer and Alexander.

Their daughter, Jennifer, is a medic in the U.S. Army and has served in both Iraq and Afghanistan. Their son Alexander graduated from the University of California at San Diego with a degree in International Studies. Alex now works for the UCSD Medical Clinic as a computer database manager.

Ofelia’s serves a variety of salads and sandwiches including chicken, tuna and crab salad, artichoke, eggplant, pastrami and vegetarian meatloaf. Their sandwiches are all served on fresh bread that is baked daily and topped with items like lettuce, sprouts, cucumber and tomatoes. The restaurant offers a variety of smoothies such as a delectable blackberry-banana smoothie and an invigorating green-tea frappe. They make delicious homemade soups, most of which are vegetarian, and include pumpkin, minestrone, chicken noodle, white bean and broccoli.

About Me

I too was inspired and lucky enough to be able to follow my passion, nutrition. I returned to school after being laid off from my high tech job as well, in the same economic downturn that changed Jay’s path. I graduated in 2006 from the University of California at Davis with a Bachelor of Science degree in Clinical Nutrition. I am now a Health educator, author and maintain a private nutrition consulting practice. Ours are stories of making lemon-aide out of lemons- literally!

The Collaboration

I recently had the chance to work with Ofelia’s to analyze the nutritional content of their recipes. During the process, I tasted many of their handcrafted creations and was continually impressed with the quality and taste. I was inspired by the fresh ingredients—and love—they incorporate into every one of their dishes.

I will be offering nutrition talks and signing my new book A Nutrition Revolution: Uncover the Mysteries of Nutrition at Ofelia’s soon. During the presentations Ofelia will offer tastings of some of their fabulous food. Look for the schedule at Ofelia’s and on my website.

If you have a chance in the meantime, do visit Ofelia’s for a healthy, heart-warming meal. And we hope to see you at the talk and tastings!

Ofelia’s is located on Hillcrest Avenue in Livermore off of East Avenue. They are open Monday through Friday from 10:30-5:30, and Saturday from 11-4:30. You can visit them online at:

Beth Kahn is a Dietitian, educator, and author of A Nutrition Revolution: Uncover the Mysteries of Nutrition. For more information or to connect with Beth visit:


Press Release: “A Nutrition Revolution: Uncover the Mysteries of Nutrition” is Published by AuthorHouse

By CLK Photography

For Immediate Release

October 1st, 2011

Want to know the real secret of how to heal your body and remain healthier and why it seems so difficult to get the traditional establishment to accept alternative, complementary and natural medical or health care treatments—let alone a trip to the nutritionist? In A Nutrition Revolution, Elizabeth Kahn reveals why Americans are kept in the dark about the benefits of good nutrition—eating well can heal your ills without the need for doctors or medicine. Additionally she offers information on how to use alternative, complementary and natural health care for healing and achieving better health while encouraging consumers to instigate change in America’s infrastructure so it becomes easier to attain sustainable good health.

Not another “how to” diet book or “healthy eating” book, A Nutrition Revolution provides a “how-to-understand-nutrition” book that asks readers to make a philosophical shift in their approach to medical and health care, dieting, eating, and food shopping. In a personal, comprehensible and compelling manner, Kahn points out that learning to eat in a healthy manner shows the way not only to a healthy body and lifestyle but, in many cases, to healing. The author helps readers see the real barriers to nutrition, health care and natural healing alternatives so they can overcome them.

By educating readers about the misleading information they receive from food manufacturers, drug corporations, doctors, politicians, and the diet industry, Kahn shines a spotlight on what makes it so difficult for most people to integrate nutrition into typical medical treatment. Additionally, A Nutrition Revolution provides readers with problem-solving methods to implement in doctors’ offices, grocery stores, homes, schools, and voting booths so they can create the necessary shifts in consciousness, attitudes and priorities on both a local and national level. Kahn encourages all consumers to influence how those in power affect the delivery of healthy products and services today and in the future, thus creating a revolution in America’s current approach to nutrition.

Jon Erlandson, founder of Healthy Food in Schools, says A Nutrition Revolution “is a very perceptive and thorough analysis of not just our American diet but the pharma[ceutical], food and education industries as well. This should be required reading for all school district decision makers…This message is too important to let it go unnoticed.”

A visit to a nutritionist made Kahn realize she could eliminate the symptoms of her lactose intolerance, rid herself of borderline hypoglycemia, heal her early-stage thyroid problems, and prevent herself from getting diabetes—all simply by eating a balanced diet. Had she instead “followed the doctor’s orders” and taken prescription medication, the affects of her lactose intolerance, continued intake of processed foods, and long-term lack of proper nutrition would have taken a toll on her body. Kahn’s paradigm shift set her on a new path, and she became a nutrition consultant and educator as well as an advocate for changing not only how people approach their own health care but how they view food manufacturers, school cafeterias, pharmaceutical companies, and the political, economic and educational systems in our country.

“Healthy food, nutrition therapy and nutrition education can eliminate 80 percent of our disorders,” claims Kahn. “And we can treat many of the disorders we have, even autism and Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), with good nutrition. However, accomplishing this requires educating consumers’, doctors’ and politicians’ about the value of good nutrition and natural health alternatives.”

Those consumers who can or want to influence public policy will find A Nutrition Revolution of particular interest. “For those who know, deep down, there has to be a better way, this book is for you. It will take a lot of people standing up to their doctors and insurance companies saying, ‘I want a nutritionist,’ and demanding healthy food in stores to create the needed change. I hope my book will create a desire in people to stand up for themselves and for their needs.”

In the foreword to A Nutrition Revolution, Jaime L. Mitchell, publisher and owner of Natural Awakenings Magazine, writes, “Elizabeth Kahn is at the forefront of a paradigm shift: a re-shifting of focus toward root causes like nutrition and education. If you are a parent, an educator, or even a policy maker, this book is a must-read for you to empower yourselves, your children, your students, and your community.”

For more information on A Nutrition Revolution or on the author, please visit the author’s website at To purchase a copy of the book, go to

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Kahn Publishes New Book on Nutrition | From Natural Awakenings Magazine | July 2011

San Francisco Bay Area resident Elizabeth Kahn will release a new book, A Nutrition Revolution, Uncover the Mysteries of Nutrition, this summer. A University of California–Davis alumna who studied clinical nutrition, Kahn has published many health-based articles and now maintains a private nutrition consulting practice.

Her book reveals why Americans are often kept in the dark about the real benefits of good nutrition, while offering information on how to use nutrition and natural healthcare alternatives for healing and achieving better health. A Nutrition Revolution—what Kahn calls a “how-to-understand nutrition” book—also encourages consumers to instigate change in America’s infrastructure, so it becomes easier for consumers to achieve sustainable good health.

The creation of the book was prompted by a visit to a nutritionist that dramatically improved Kahn’s health and created a paradigm shift for her about eating, healing and health-care. She is now an educator, as well as an advocate for changing not only how people approach their own eating habits and healthcare, but also how they view food manufacturers, school cafeterias, pharmaceutical companies, doctors, insurance companies and the healthcare, political, economic and educational systems in America. “For those who know, deep down, there has to be a better way, this book is for you,” Kahn says.

For more information and to order the book, click here.