Personal Dietary Mentoring

  • One-on-one nutrition counseling 
  • You will learn to shop, prepare, and eat right for better health
  • Educational shopping trips and grocery lists
  • Customized diet and exercise plans
  • Personalized recipes
  • Home cupboard evaluation
  • We will address specific health issues such as, ADHD, eating disorders, high blood pressure, and weight loss
  • Expert in child and family nutrition

“Beth is amazing with my son. She gives us a very personalized plan and relates the information better to us than the other dietitians we have seen. We always look forward to seeing her and are excited and empowered to make the healthy changes she recommends.” Cathy, San Ramon, CA

“My daughter was extremely limited in what she would eat, but after talking to Beth, she now eats a much wider variety of foods.”   – Juli, Castro Valley, CA


Beth is a credentialed health science teacher and has created and taught cooking, garden, health, and nutrition classes to pre-K through 12th grade students, adults, and families.

Topics Include:

  • Harvard and USDA Healthy Eating “Plates”
  • Protein- plant vs. animal sources
  • Carbohydrates- the good, the bad, and the ugly 
  • Water- why and how to get enough
  • Fat- which ones, how much, and where to find them 
  • Weight loss
  • Beth’s 80/20 diet plan
  • GMO vs. organic
  • Healthy eating on a budget
  • Food safety 
  • Healthy food preparation
  • Cooking
  • Gardening: seed to plate

“Beth taught wellness classes for our employees. She did a GREAT job!”  – Barbara Hunt, Development Director at St. Vincent de Paul Society of Contra Costa County

“You make health class fun and enjoyable. You have influenced your students mindsets about healthy living.” – Zoe, Salinas, CA

 “Thank you for making it easy to learn. I think you are the best teacher in school.” – Adrian, Salinas, CA

“I appreciate the way you teach because you have actually taught me about health and made it easy for me. I honestly now know about the body and how to keep myself healthy.” – Rosario, Salinas, CA

“Thank you for being such a great health teacher. You’ve made a positive difference in my life.” – Camily, Salinas, CA

Professional Nutrition Consulting

  • Recipe and menu creation, modification, and analysis
  • Custom “Nutrition Facts Labels” with calorie and nutrient amounts

“Beth transformed our menu. We encourage other restaurant owners to enhance their service with the nutrition information Beth provides.” – Ofelia’s Kitchen, Livermore, CA

Energy Healing

  • Certified Reiki practitioner
  • Intuitive energy work
  • Assists in relieving stress, anxiety, aches/pains, grief, trauma, addiction, etc.
  • Great for overall relaxation!

“I felt so relaxed, it was as if I were floating. She heard my pain through her hands.” – Cara, San Ramon, CA

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