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In A Nutrition Evolution, Elizabeth Kahn offers clear and comprehensive nutrition information and illuminates the pathways to achieving optimal health through nutrition and other natural remedies.

Not another “how-to” diet book or “healthy eating” book, A Nutrition Evolution is a “how-to-understand-nutrition” book that asks readers to make a philosophical shift in their approaches to eating, food shopping, and healthcare. In a personal and compelling manner, Kahn points out that learning about nutrition on a deeper level can lead to a healthy, sustainable diet and lifestyle.

A Nutrition Evolution also provides readers with problem-solving methods to implement in homes, grocery stores, schools, doctors’ offices, and voting booths so they can create the necessary shifts in consciousness and priorities about nutrition on a personal and global level.

Since the publication of her first book, A Nutrition Revolution: Uncover the Mysteries of Nutrition in 2011, much has changed. Many people are now “woke” to the importance of nutrition but are overwhelmed by confusing and contradictory nutrition information. A Nutrition Evolution: The Revolution Continues builds on the foundation of the first book and includes many important updates such as big changes in healthcare and government. Some of the most important pieces of the first book remain in this publication but have been revised and expanded. Refreshing insights from Kahn’s experience as a nutritionist and health educator are included, as is current pertinent information about processed foods, food additives, plant-based diets, food intolerances, and trending diets such as high-protein, high-fat, and vegetarian. A Nutrition Evolution addresses the often-ignored role of diet in today’s most prevalent diseases and describes how they can be healed naturally.

After a visit to a nutritionist, Kahn realized she could eliminate the symptoms of her lactose intolerance, rid herself of borderline hypoglycemia, heal her early-stage thyroid problems, and prevent herself from getting diabetes—all simply by eating a more balanced diet. Had she instead “followed the doctor’s orders” to take prescription medication and continue eating a traditional American diet, the results would have been thyroid malfunction, diabetes, and other health problems, not to mention the cost and side-effects of the medications. Kahn’s paradigm shift not only healed her but set her on a new path. She became a nutrition consultant and educator as well as an advocate for changing not only how people approach their own diet and health care, but how they view food manufacturers, school cafeterias, pharmaceutical companies, and the political, economic, and educational systems.

“Proper nutrition can eliminate 80 percent of our disorders,” claims Kahn. “And we can treat many of the disorders we have, even autism and Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), with good nutrition. However, accomplishing this requires educating consumers, doctors, and politicians about the value of good nutrition and natural health alternatives.”

Jaime L. Mitchell, publisher and owner of Natural Awakenings Magazine says, “Elizabeth Kahn is at the forefront of a paradigm shift: a re-shifting of focus toward root causes like nutrition and education.”

Kimberly Ohara-Borowski, SHAPE America “Teacher of the Year says, “honest information from an expert dietitian and health educator in the field for over thirteen years, with no political ties or other influences to taint the information.”


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